Friday, September 07, 2012

Caps and Gowns!

This has been a summer of many small trips. The first, in June, was a huge celebration for Caite as she graduated from Santa Clara University. Actually, this was totally Caite's day. Ours was the day we made the last tuition payment. HOORAY!

It's hard to believe that our children are all out of school.

First up is the prep for the big day tomorrow. Ironing the grad gown is not an easy task. Too bad they have to stuff them in a tiny little package. Oops, maybe this is the first of several grad dresses.

Then on to the Baccalaureate.  (Thank God for spell check in blogger :) This was a beautifully choreographed Mass with music and dance in the finest Jesuit tradition. All readings were done by the graduating Seniors. Absolutely lovely!

Immediately following, SCU hosted a reception for grads and their families in the commons. This was a chance to connect with old friends as well. Julianne Brands and Caite have been friends since high school. It was good to visit with David and Julie.

Here is a shot of Caite and her room mates for the last 2 years. Amanda and Caite went to high school together as well. They are, left to right, Amanda, Lauren, Caite and Alyssa.

For the evening celebration, Caite and her roommates chose 71 St Peter Mediterranean Grill for they and their families to share dinner. It was a fun evening getting to know everyone's parents. They hail from Ohio, Pasadena and Portland. Nick drove up from Orange county to add to the good times. What fun!

Here we are as good looking as ever!

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