Monday, February 10, 2014

I Wish It Would Rain...

I never thought I would say those words out loud but I just did. I've been holed up for 4 days and getting mighty tired of it. Thank God for the Olympics and the art work I am readying for a show in April. And, OK, the wine helped too! Otherwise it would not have been good at all. I'm so sick of soup and seriously looking for some kind of junk food.

Here's my take on the last four days.

It's supposed to rain sometime today. Got my fingers crossed.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Move More

Moving more is always a goal of mine. Definitely one of the 14 in 14.
But I'm a game girl which means I prefer to play tennis or golf rather than go to a gym and "work out". Maybe I like the social aspect of games or maybe it's the competitive aspect. I am not really sure. Sometimes I think I should stretch and do something like yoga but it hasn't gone beyond the "I think I should" stage. Maybe it's because this seems humanly impossible.

Whoa! Really!

No, my sights are not set too high. This just seems kind of creepy. Just move more!