Sunday, November 04, 2007

Finally, Some Fiber

The title of this blog is Fiber and Photographs.
Until this moment, it has only been my photos and
Photoshop work. No more, she says...

This is my 2007 Journal Quilt entry,
Land Forms #1, which is hanging at
the Houston quilt show. A description

Land Forms #1
The inspiration for this piece came while
looking out the window of an airplane. The
patterns and colors evident in farm land
across America are simply awesome. I sketched
for awhile and then later, put fabric to form.

There is an old tree on my in-laws farmland
that has been dead for many years. It stands
as though a sentinel, guarding the property
and family. I have taken many pictures and
include it here as a screen print, guarding
this farm land as well.