Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Buddy

My very best four legged friend died today. He was 15+.
His name was Buddy and he was. Though, he had a lot of
nick names...Boo, the Bud-man, the Budmeister, Mr Dude,
Mr Bud. He was loved.

Everyone in the neighborhood knows Buddy. They have been
watching this gentle soul for a long time. First as a pup
while chasing crows and the neighborhood coyotes. Never
on a leash, he didn't wander or bother others. Later as
his hearing failed him, more cautious. He was kind to people
and other dogs but there was a special place in his heart
for Belle. He always knew when she was passing.

During the last few years, he slowed down and so we took
4-5 very small walks each day. I learned to slow down and
love the colors of the seasons and the birds singing and
the peace there is in silence.

It's hard to say good-bye. But as my son said, "He had a
good run!" He did and we did. He will be missed.

Love you, Mr. Dude!