Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sometimes You Just Need to Laugh

Some people complain about Pinterest. They concern themselves with copyright violations or someone copying their art or their photos or their whatever...

I personally love it. It is a virtual filing cabinet for me. Back in the day, I would print things I saw and loved. Mostly art quilts. Then I moved to just saving them on my own PC. Now Pinterest saves them for me. If Pinterest went away due to lack of interest would I care? Probably not!

I look at it almost everyday. Sometimes my focus is recipes, sometimes fiber art. On this day, it was the humor that caught my eye and made me LOL. So enjoy a few with me and as always comments are free. 

And then...

Oh my...

Looks like Amsterdam" s idea of a good art gallery.

And finally. what else would you do on a hot day.

You rock for reading and I only hope you were not drinking coffee when reading this.