Friday, December 31, 2010


That is the word I have chosen for next year. Seems to fit quite nicely for today. HA HA

Maybe "finish" is not an uplifting word. I have no trouble starting a myriad of new things but have to remind myself to see them through. That is my job for this year. 

Rachel Snyder says it well...
Finish what you start. Finish up the last calculation, the last page, the last round, the last lap. Finish that final assignment so you can finish up your degree. Finish that vest you have been working on for eons, that tile job you thought you'd never finish. Would someone please finish up this last bit of soup so that I can finish up the kitchen.  Finish that discussion when you are both feeling a bit calmer. Pray that they finish soon so that you can go home. Finish sanding, finish trimming, finish cutting so that you can put away the tools. Finish off one project before you start another. Let go of that relationship: it's finished. let go of being a doormat: you're finished. Go back and finish what you swore you would never finish in a million years. When they ask how far along you are, say I am finished?

I finished my Italy book and gave it to Rick for Christmas. That is the beginning (last years word) of finishing something (this years word). I am so clever. 
Here is one of my favorite pictures of that trip to share with you.

 It is the Isle of Capri.

And so to finish this year 2010, here's to you!!!!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The God Box

I read the story called Inside the God Box this week and found it to be poignant. I hope you like it as well.
Find it here ...

I have also been working on bokeh and have some room to grow but I liked this one best.

I hope your holidays are peaceful.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Vera Lim Blog Blitz Revisited


I am a "Vera Lim Kit" frequent flyer and wouldn't want you
to get left out in the cold so to continue the blog blitz, give this new link a go...

And for your trouble, some more eye candy...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Vera Lim Blog Blitz

You are going to love this fun new kit from Vera Lim. It's called  Wild and Beautiful
and is comprised of ten papers and 34 unique elements that you will find charming
(available as colored and shadowed versions – 63 total elements). 

Having just returned from a trip to New Zealand, I was totally jazzed to learn that
Vera calls NZ home. This is my first scrap from our trip down under and found the
colors to be just perfect.

My first attraction to any kit is in the papers. I love to use soft papers that allow my
photos and stories to shine. This kit does that perfectly. There is a nice combination of gently grunged artsy papers that give any layout a touch of color and interest.

The elements are easy to use: fun word art, hand drawn flowers, little buttons and epoxies. And, you gotta love the birds. To me, they look like gulls but perhaps that is because I am scrapping an image with the sea. I love to adjust elements to make them mine and that was easy to do with this kit.

I really like how all the papers and elements work so well together.
I hope you have as much fun with it as I have.

Want to learn more about Vera Lim...Here are the links to find her:
Guesting At The O | On Facebook | At Her Blog | Her Store | O Blog | O Forum
Blog Blitz details:  Visit each blog and gather the words for a Christmas quote. When you have compiled the quote, e-mail it to bloghop @ (remove the spaces).  All e-mails must be received by midnight CST, Wednesday, Dec. 22. One winner, from those who submit the correct quote, will be picked randomly – using - to win a kit 
of his/her choice from Vera Lim.

Today's Christmas quote is:  "Christmas may be a day of feasting,"

Continuing the Blog Blitz tomorrow, head over to
to see more of this "Wild and Beautiful" kit.

Just saying... I was provided a copy of this kit by Vera Lim, a guest designer at This fact did not influence my review - in case you (or the FTC) were worried about this detail.

If you are still reading this post, I would love to hear from you
Comments are free. LOL