Friday, December 31, 2010


That is the word I have chosen for next year. Seems to fit quite nicely for today. HA HA

Maybe "finish" is not an uplifting word. I have no trouble starting a myriad of new things but have to remind myself to see them through. That is my job for this year. 

Rachel Snyder says it well...
Finish what you start. Finish up the last calculation, the last page, the last round, the last lap. Finish that final assignment so you can finish up your degree. Finish that vest you have been working on for eons, that tile job you thought you'd never finish. Would someone please finish up this last bit of soup so that I can finish up the kitchen.  Finish that discussion when you are both feeling a bit calmer. Pray that they finish soon so that you can go home. Finish sanding, finish trimming, finish cutting so that you can put away the tools. Finish off one project before you start another. Let go of that relationship: it's finished. let go of being a doormat: you're finished. Go back and finish what you swore you would never finish in a million years. When they ask how far along you are, say I am finished?

I finished my Italy book and gave it to Rick for Christmas. That is the beginning (last years word) of finishing something (this years word). I am so clever. 
Here is one of my favorite pictures of that trip to share with you.

 It is the Isle of Capri.

And so to finish this year 2010, here's to you!!!!


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