Friday, January 29, 2010


So there is this movement afoot. Actually it has been
around for a few years now. That is, to choose a word
to focus on for the year. So this is me, Elena (my alter
ego). Tell me how do you focus on just one word. Last
year I chose three: Focus,balance, joy. I liked them.

This year I forced myself to chose just one and it has
taken a bit of time. I read this bit of prose by Rachel Snyder.
It goes like this.

Start something. Put one foot in front of the other and
inch forward ever so slightly. Show up. Say hello and
begin a conversation. Ask Says who? and begin a
revolution. Write one sentence and begin your novel.
Begin again, this time in a different key, at a different
tempo. Begin putting yourself first. Begin enjoying it.
Begin an intentional community if that's how you want
to live. Begin a reading group and focus on women who
made bold new beginnings. Begin a new way of eating,
a new way of moving, a new way of getting your needs
met. Begin as soon as you finish reading this page. Begin
at the beginning and don't even think about where it will
take you. Now begin.

Have you figured it out. My word is BEGIN. And, I don't
know where it will take me. But, I will begin by sharing
a pretty image I captured.

Until next time...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week with a View

I started the week with an amazing discovery
at a new friends home. She has a bird's eye
view of the city, the river and most importantly,
Mt Hood. Amazing!

Next stop is the Rip City Rose Garden by way
of the MAX, where the Trailblazers play in "our"
house. And finally, the Japanese Garden
with big views of the city.

It was especially fun because we got to show
off our city to Rod and Delse who paid a visit.

It doesn't get any better!

Monday, January 18, 2010

OMG! I missed 01.01.10

I so wanted to type the numbers


on the first day of the New Year. Do not ask me
what happened on that day or any since. Oh well!

I considered beginning the 365 project. This is
where you take a photo a day and upload them to
a flickr group. I finally decided the structure
would soon make it a chore for me. It takes the
focus away from the things I really want to do.
My SIL, Delse, as always, had the right suggestion
My plan is to simply journal the year by picking
the highlights of each week.

I was sorry to see a lot of things go this week.
First the Christmas tree which was so perfectly
symmetrical. I think the best tree we have ever
had. Then, Caite went back to school. She is in
her second year at Santa Clara. Next Nick headed
to Argentina for 4 months. Otherwise, I went to
the Pittock mansion with some friends and started
getting things back in order around here.