Monday, January 18, 2010

OMG! I missed 01.01.10

I so wanted to type the numbers


on the first day of the New Year. Do not ask me
what happened on that day or any since. Oh well!

I considered beginning the 365 project. This is
where you take a photo a day and upload them to
a flickr group. I finally decided the structure
would soon make it a chore for me. It takes the
focus away from the things I really want to do.
My SIL, Delse, as always, had the right suggestion
My plan is to simply journal the year by picking
the highlights of each week.

I was sorry to see a lot of things go this week.
First the Christmas tree which was so perfectly
symmetrical. I think the best tree we have ever
had. Then, Caite went back to school. She is in
her second year at Santa Clara. Next Nick headed
to Argentina for 4 months. Otherwise, I went to
the Pittock mansion with some friends and started
getting things back in order around here.

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