Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Harry Potter

One of our family's last day of school traditions was to go to lunch and then to the book store to pick up some summer reading material. In 1999, Caite had just finished third grade and her choice was the second Harry Potter book. It seems that her teacher had read the first one out loud to the class. Since I had never heard of Harry Potter, she suggested I get the first book too so that I could understand the story. I did and it soon became a family favorite. We have all--that's all five us--read all seven of the books. On several occasions, Caite and I went to the local borders book store at midnight to pick up our copy. No we did not dress up in character...but maybe we should have. We have also all seen all of the films, many together. Twelve years of family fun. Thank you JKR for giving us Harry.

You gotta love this U-Tube trailer.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Icky Nicky

It poured down rain at Palm Desert on Saturday. Whaaaat is that about.

Sunday shined so we played golf on the Nicholas Private, better known as Icky Nicky. It is a tough course designed by Jack Nicholas. Here is just one of those icky holes...OMG!

Just what do you aim at? haha


What were you doing on this day?

Here is a pic of Rick and I playing golf at Indian Ridge. We were paired with the pro, Becky. What a treat. And just look at this view. Too bad you can't see the sky as it is true blue. Woo hoo!