Monday, July 25, 2011

30 Good Years and 21 too!

On June 26, Rick and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. Where have all of those years gone? We dined at Metro Vino, a relatively new restaurant in the Pearl. It was a quiet Sunday evening and just perfect for us. I wish I had thought to have someone take our picture that eve but I didn't.

Not to be overshadowed by our daughter, who turned 21 the very next day. I remeber so well my OB/Gyn telling me not to have her on or anniversary if we ever wanted to celebrate that again. He was oh so right. LOL

Caite is away for the summer and so we waited a week to celebrate with her.. Portland City Grill, one of our favorites, was the venue of choice. Window tables with spectacular views of the city are the place to be and so we waited a tad bit longer.. We were not disappointed.
I did think to snap a photo of my girl. She's just so darn cute!  Awwwww.......
Happy birthday, Caite. Love you to bits.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Missing June

I have been on  a whirlwind effort  with house projects.

It all started when I had the cedar shake roof cleaned and stained.
That led to a serious need to power wash the deck. I started that project but have you ever noticed that men have a serious need to have power tools in their own hands. What starts with a "let me see that for a minute" ended with me quietly leaving the scene.One for me.

The next project was a powder room redo. It involved stripping wall paper, texturing and painting the walls and then replacing all of the fixtures. I had this work done by Tony, the painter, and Bob, the builder, two wonderful professional contractors.

Then I had the entire landscape in the front of the house removed and replaced.  I don't have before pictures but trust me, it was so overgrown it was scary. I would show you the after but it's raining today for what seems like the millionth day this month.

The next projects are 2 other household bathrooms. The one the kids used over the years has been totally gutted. The tub will be replace with a walk in shower. the vinyl floor with tile and all of the fixtures will be replaced. Parts of the basement bonus room bath are also being replaced. I am going with under mount sinks, CeasarStone counter tops, new fixtures, mirrors and wall paint.

Right now, I have nothing to show. The tear outs are complete and the work begins tomorrow. I can't wait.

I do promise to post photos of the completed projects. I am not big on the befores. They are what I am trying to forget.

Until then, here is something to look at...  Nice-a!