Monday, February 29, 2016

New 52: Cabo

We flew in today, on February 29, our extra day. The food, colors, flowers, are exquisite. Seems like we are getting an extra vacation day this trip. Yippee!

More  to come but don't you love this graphic. Complements of the Addlib app.

Gracias por mirar!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Coronado Stroll Around

We started on the boardwalk, which overlooks the San Diego harbor. Headed west on Orange Street and walked all the way to the Hotel del Coronado.

Found a nice little restaurant with sea food omelets for a tasty brunch. It was the kind of place that loans fishing poles. Perhaps we could have caught breakfast.

And finished our walk along the harbor, golf course and many lovely homes including this one with a flowering bush above the entry. Not quite 7 miles. My dogs are barking.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New 52 - a Stretching Routine of Sorts

My daughter, Caite, and I decided that we would like to try new recipes this year. Don't you just get so stuck in a food rut. My first attempt was these delicious potato stacks. They are actually quite easy and are a really nice touch instead of baked or even scalloped potatoes with the meat or fish of your choice.

If you have a mandoline for slicing, the potatoes are nicely uniform in slice width. Using the mandoline was new for me also. Just heed the safety guides as I nearly took off the tip of my finger. It's still sore a month later. Here is the recipe link:


Monday, February 08, 2016

Well OK Then...

February 8 and first post of the year...
A new computer and adjusting to Window 10, which is not easy.
Trying to load and work with Photoshop on the Windows 10 platform.
HMM not easy either.

A segue into my word for the year which is drum roll please....

My initial intention was to stretch this aging body on a regular basis as in yoga or some other stretching class. But then I thought, stretching can also be to expand my thinking. I'm going to run with this one.

I love this little flower. It's formal name is Calliandra haematocephala. Easy for you to say. But it is the perfect example of the word "Stretch". It begins life as a little bud that strongly resembles a raspberry. It gradually begins to fatten up and then poof, it throws out all of these thread like petals. 

What's your word for the year?