1000 Graces

59. Always leaving a margin.

58. Lemon bars

57. UGG boots

56. UGG slippers.

55. Wearing a polarfleece robe in the Portland winters.

54. Sleeping on the cold side of the pillow.

53. Only when you drink from the river of silence
      shall you sing.
      ~Kahlil Gibran

52.  Be still and know that I am God.
      -Psalm 46:10  

51. For all your days prepare, And meet them ever alike: 
      When you are the anvil, bear-When you are the hammer, strike.
     - Edwin Markham

50. A road trip and lot's of time with Caite.

49. Palm Desert in February. Can I go in March, please!

48.  Palm Desert in January.

47.  Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays. 
       - Soren Kierkegaard

46.  If the followers will lead, then the leaders can follow.

45.  We do not live an equal life, but one of contrasts and patchwork;
       now a little joy, then sorrow,
       now sin, then a generous or brave action.
       - Ralph Waldo Emerson

44.  Traveling with Rick.

43.  Playing golf in so many new places and great golf courses.

42.  The shades of blue and green in the waters of New Zealand.

41.  Those who follow are always behind. -  A.Y. Jackson

40.  A drive across country with my son.

39.  Always settle for more.

38, What you think on grows.

37.  Clutter is math. It's more stuff than you have time and space for.

36.  Meeting even more new girlies in my family: Baby Kylie, you're a beauty.

35.  Driving a different route to see what I can see.

34.  Looking for ways to live a rut free life.

33.  Skype-ing with Caite. She a half a world away but seeing her lovely face.
       Gotta love technology.

32.  Each of us literally chooses,
       by his way of attending to things,
       what sort of universe
       he shall appear to himself to inhabit.
       --William James

31.  Scoring 100 at Brasada Ranch. 

30.  Meeting the three new girlies in my family: Josephine, Stephanie and Cora.

29.  Learning I have French, English, Irish and German ancestors.

28.  Seeing most of the Hines' at the Sister's 2010 reunion.

27.  Visiting my brother in Sisters.

26.  The scent of jasmine wafting through the window on this early morn.

25. A man, who gets up at 5:50 AM to play 18 holes of golf and then goes again to play 9 with his wife.

24. Change always comes bearing gifts.

23. Discovering this blog page: http://www.traceyclark.com/iamenough

22. Trite, but winning a tennis match playoff in three sets after losing the first set. YEAH!

21. My off set driver 

20. The older I grow, the more I listen to people who don't talk much. Germain Glein

19. Team work=working teams.

18.  A good read..

17. The 15 shades of green produced by as many days of rain.

16.  Golf at 85 degrees in Palm Springs when it's 50 and raining at home.

15. People who let their voices be heard.

14. Weather so fine that it makes you feel like skipping.

13. a 76 degree day

12. Francine's Voices

11. A glass of wine with a friend.

10. Fresh, brand spanking new, ever so lovely carpet.

9. The Book of Tobit

8. Embrace silence. Know that God's one and only voice is silent. All of your creativity and all that you are destined to do here when you showed up with this heroic mission is in the void. Its in the silence and will come out of that silence. Wayne Dyer

 7. The older I grow the more I listen to people who don't talk much. Germain G. Glein

6. Stuck behind a City of Portland street cleaning vehicle and finding a gap--the view to the left, the patch of land was green and red and sunny and shady and long, oh so long.

5. Amazing Grace sung by Cecilia. OMG!

4. Nick is home today after 4 months in Argentina. Love laying that hug on him. And so thankful he arrived safely.

3. Lunch at Panera and sharing lots of thoughts with a good friend, Karla.

2. Finding the gaps in my day.

1. Watching Evita and singing "Don't Cry for me Argentina" and thinking that just maybe I am as good as Madonna. Then realizing the window was opened and maybe my neighbors wouldn't think so. LOL

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