Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today is "try to find an apartment" day.
No luck.


This day nearly killed us. We left KC at 6:45 and hit road construction on our way out of town. When we drove through St Louis, it was a long slow ride. We hit construction stoppages in southern Illinois and northern Kentucky. I had to drive that stick shift through rush hour in Nashville. Stop and start, stop and start. YUCK! We finally arrived at our destination at 11:30 PM. Dog tired but we survived.
To bed to recover...


We drove into Lincoln and stopped at the International Quilt study Center. The museum had two exhibits: one was antique doll quilts and the other was quilts from Asia. Very nice. I was hoping to show Nick some of Michael James' early work but it was not on display. too bad!

Then on to KC and a stopover at my sister's home. We visited with her family, and got a break from a big drive. Spent the night with the intentions of getting an early start.


Day 2: We made it to York, NE, which is about 40 miles west of Lincoln. Another day of sunshine and the straightest ribbon of highway I have ever seen. Put cruise on 80 and just steered the car. Didn't see too many others. We have 500 tunes on my IPod and have shuffled them. It's sing along time, at least for the driver. Chances are the passenger was sleeping.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today Nick and I drove 720 miles from Portland, OR to Ogden, UT on our drive to his new hometown of Asheville, NC. I am refreshing my memory of driving a stick shift. This one will floor you: Nick drives 65 miles per hour to maximize gas usage; I drive 75 MPH because I am thinking about the hotel and my oh so comfortable bed awaiting me. Youth and practicality...

Tomorrow, our destination is Lincoln, NE, nearly.

My images are only in my head. Sorry.