Sunday, October 05, 2014

Voices: Anne Lamott

I had the opportunity to hear Anne Lamott speak this past week at the Voices lecture series. A 60 year old white woman with dreads might cause one to pause. She is however riveting. She often speaks of loss but in a hopeful way. I have read several of her books. Traveling Mercies is the most recent one.

I left the lecture with three thoughts.

First, there are three kinds of prayer: Help, Thanks and Wow! I do think most fit one of those categories. I certainly applied them to my golf game on Friday. haha
She later added a forth prayer called Whatever. I think that fits the case when you don't get the answer for which you hoped.

Second, there are really only two things that can fill you up. One is giving and the other is solitude.

Third, for writers or artists or anyone learning something new or doing something new, DO THE WORK. Don't wait for inspiration to come. It comes by doing the work.

She was funny, engaging and very honest. I wish you could have joined me for this fun and thoughtful evening.

Monday, June 30, 2014


My girl turned 24 last Friday. Here is one of my very favorite pics from her first year.

Look at her work. Such poise, so professional, so grown up. WOW! She is amazing.

Happy, happy Birthday. Love you to bits, my sweet girl!

Saturday, June 21, 2014


I am a storyteller. I have a blog by that name. Sometimes I cross reference it here. It is mostly about digital scrap booking and the tools of Photoshop. I am a PS addict. I love it to bits. I am working on stories from back in the day...

In September, 1990, we noticed an unusual caterpillar in our front flower bed. It was lime green, black and white striped. My boys had bug jars and so Drew snatched it up and put it along with some leaves in his bug jar. The next morning, the caterpillar was missing but hanging from the lid was the most amazing chrysalis, bright green with gold studs. Our timing must have been spot on. 

We did some research and thought it just might be a Monarch. We patiently waited and in about 10 days, the chrysalis became transparent and we could see the Monarch within. It gyrated out of the chrysalis and hung upside down, stretching and drying it's wings. We gently opened the jar to release it from it's confines. After a bit, it fluttered away. 

Here is the photo journal story. If you would like to see more stories, set up an RSS feed and follow me there.
I would love to have you on board.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Life List Additions

I wrote this post in January. It is the beginning of my life list rules. Since then I've added a few more.
  • If someone offers you a breath mint, you should probably accept it.
  • Sixty year old arms are not long enough for selfies. 
The last discovery came in a photography class where I was to take a selfie. Close ups capture a lot of bad stuff. So I cheated and used my tripod. Well who defined selfie as hand held. It allowed me to capture more than my teeth, in this case, my bike too.

I scrapped the effort.

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Buzzer Beating - Game Winning - Series Clinching"

Excerpts from Media Row reports on the win of the century for the TrailBlazers...

"The Basketball Gods looked out for us," Wes Matthews said. "I don't know if they blew the coverage or what."

"We got as good of a look as we were going to get," Lillard said.

There was no panic. He didn't waste any time, but he didn't race either. The catch became the turn and the turn became the square up and the square up became the release and the release became the flick follow-through.

"His demeanor was never that of a rookie," Matthews said. "His age, he always played with a swagger or an edge. It speaks for itself."

Watch Damian Lillards buzzer beater here.
Go boys!

In the end the entire team, bench included, had a role to play and played it well. Damian's shot sealed the deal.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Time Together

It's always really special to spend some one on one time with just one child. Mine are all adults now, each living in a  different city. Such time gets harder to find as they are about the business of building careers and relationships with others. So when the opportunity to visit Nick in Huntington Beach presented itself, I was excited.

Nick was a wonderful planner. We ate in, we ate out. Nick cooked. I did not. We walked the neighborhood a bit. We spent the day at the beach. He treated for lunch :) at Fred's Mexican Cafe (Yummo!) and bought tickets for a play by a local theater group. What a special weekend. The best was just being with him chatting it up.

I wasn't thoughtful enough to get anyone to capture a pic of Nick and I or just Nick  So these will have to do.

For your beach fix:

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Ac-Cord War

Do you have a station that resembles this? Or more than one of them?

There's the I-phone fighting with the I-pad for a plug-in and the Bose and the laptop and the house phone and the Garmin and the camera batteries and the STOP!

Are we here yet?

Heard on the street...well not really.
  • Man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger.                                                     Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Technology… the knack of so arranging the world that we don't have to experience it.         Max Frisch
  • Men have become the tools of their tools.                                                                                 Henry David Thoreau

Just saying...