Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Chihuly Garden and Glass

A trip to Seattle yesterday to see the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum at the Seattle Center was in the cards. WHOA! Talk about eye candy. Here are a few images.

The first is the Sonic Blooms, designed by Seattle based artist  Dan Carson. These blooms are solar powered which provide enough powere to set them to glow in the evening ans sing during the day. They are pure delight.

So that you get a sense of their size, here is another view.

And then there was the Glasshouse . An asymmetrical room with an amazing Sculpture of glass flowers in reds, oranges and yellows floating near the ceiling and a completely open floor.

Here is the Glasshouse from the ouside.

Standing outside the Glasshouse, close to and slightly below the yellow glass explosion, looking upward at the Space Needle. Cool, don't you think?

You gotta love this capture. Do you see the reflection of the Space Needle and the glass house in this blue orb. Another way cool...

You need to see this for yourself.

Starting NOW

The demo team came today and removed the guts of our kitchen.
Sink, stove top, counter tops and back splash all gone.
 It does make the search easy for anything in the drawers.:)

The rest of the project plan is to have all of the interior white, ie, woodwork and cabinets, painted so the kitchen mini redo is leading up to that. The island will be painted a chocolate brown. The periphery will remain white. The new counter tops will be a quartz product, the color chestnut. The shiny gold knobs will be replaced as well.

Now the wait for the new kitchen countertop.

Friday, August 23, 2013

That's My Boy

This is Drew bungy-jumping in the Alps. Scares me to death just thinking about it. Never ever tell me this will happen before it does.

But oh so beautiful. If only I had your courage.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life is a Project

Why is it that a tiny need morphs into a much larger event.
The kitchen is our current happening.

I needed a new sink and faucet in the worst way. The current model was a drop in sink.
Don't you hate the staining that regularly happens to the grout. I so wanted an undermount.

Our kitchen is almost entirely white. Yes, I am aware there is a "white" movement in the mind of some decorators but the absence of color is not good for me.

So here it is on Day -1 to give you some idea of our starting point.
No those are not shelves in the top of the cabinets. We have removed the drawers to ready for the counter top removal. Stay tuned folks.

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Tree People

What do you do when the Trout Creek tree people watch?

Laugh at the humor of it all and capture the moment.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Tooling Around

A few years back, I purchased some Cutco knives, which I dearly love. The handles are ergonomic and made from a very hard plastic so they can go in the dishwasher for better cleaning; the blades are very sharp and rarely need to be sharpened. They also have some other things that work quite well. Last week, while making chopped salad, I saw the pizza cutter which looks like the rotary cutter used in quilting. It was an a-ha moment. This is what I did with it. Finely chopped cucumber in a matter of seconds. It worked on green onions also. Not so well on tomatoes. I am now on the lookout for other candidates. It's nice to try new things.