Friday, September 28, 2012

The Annual Golf Extarvaganza

Each year at the family reunion, we host the Annual Millar Golf Outing. This is played by one and all whether you play golf or not. The only entry criteria is desire and $10. I always take a photo of each golf team but won't bore you with those here. There are a few standout photos, at least IMHO...

This is "Golf Central" in the orange shirt and his equally talented  (and side-kick) cousin. You gotta love those "gettin' ready grins.  They are as fun to be with as they look...even to their nice old aunt. LOL

Next up is a future golfing  "hall of famer", I am sure. If there is a golf ball, you will see Mason with club in hand.

This year was the First Annual Mini Putt contest. Awards were given for such things as Best Grip, Least Putts, Most Putts, Best Time. Look at the anticipation on these young faces, waiting to see what they won.

My personal award went to best golf shoes worn by a competing athlete...

Need I say more. I rest my case.

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