Monday, September 17, 2012

The Kettlecorn Guy

If your looking for some humor on a Saturday morning, go directly to the Farmers Market near the Safeway at the corner of Cornell and Murray. Look for Sweet Old Larry's Kettle corn. It comes in three sizes: Yum, Yumus Maximus and Yumus Gigundus! They only vary bu the amount of Yum you get. Larry will let you sample.

He's done scientific research on his product. This sign lets you know that "massive kettle corn consumption is a sign of superior intelligence" (per unsupervised studies conducted by good Old Larry himself).

After he pops the corn, it goes into this trough for cooling and salting. Yes it's a little sweet and a little salty just like Good Old Larry! We thought this trough would be a great serving dish for any wildly, wild party. 

I asked Larry if I could take pictures and tell this story on my blog since I love his humor. He said great and grabbed a couple of bags for the shot.

Larry always gets the last word! 

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Michael Ramirez said...

Does anyone know if this is still true information on this vendor? Or at least where I can find it.