Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh, What a Perfect Day!

Today was a perfect day. First, I played golf and thanks to my friend, Laurie, I think just maybe I have straightened out my game. As we discussed. most improvements are about very small changes. Not over correcting. I think I might have the answer. Then lunch and girlfriend stories. More to come.

Next, I went to the dreaded mall to try and find a dress for my niece's wedding. First, I am not overly fond of the mall and you must know that the last time I wore a dress was possibly 10 years ago. Really! (I wondered who got married then?)  I found a good dress in the second store I visited. WHOA! That left enough time to get a PEDI, she says with a huge smile!!!!! Love me a PEDI.

Rick was out so no dinner cooked here. Love me some leftovers. Sit on the deck, sip wine and enjoy the evening's cloud formations.. Like I said, it was a perfect day. 

Oh-um! in zen!

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