Friday, November 02, 2012

Let the Season Begin...

Ah, yes! It was good to back to the Rose Garden. After a summer of speculation, we finally got a chance to see the new team and they did not disappoint.

The starting line-up included Lamarcus, JJ Hickson, Nic Batum, Damien Lillard and Wesley Matthews. That is some speed. I am totally impressed with Damian Lillard. He runs, he shoots, from everywhere, he passes, he seems to control the game. We needed a good point guard.

At the beginning of the 4th we were up by 19 points, against LA, none the less. Seems we've beaten that team 12 of the last 14 at home. Everything seemed right. Free throw guy was there. The Blazer dancers had a few fresh faces. The fans were as loud as ever. Kobe had 5 fouls and so did Metta World Peace. Isn't that an oxymoron for a guy who is just plain mean. In the end, the score board says it all.

116 to 106. The Lakers tried too little too late. Oh well! Whatever! Blazers ROCK!

And down comes the confetti.

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J. Mark Lane said...

Forgive the intrusion, I couldn't find an email address. Feel free to delete... but do you happen to be the same Elaine Millar who went to law school in Boston? If so, I just wanted to say hello.