Friday, October 26, 2012


I am cleaning our office. Trying to eliminate the stuff I referred to earlier. The reason I don't really get anywhere is that I find interesting things that are a blast of the past. Today it is a stack of sniglets. I am probably aging myself but surely you remember them. They are words that are not really words but should be. Here are a few examples:

Wishair - the deep breath you take just before you blow out the candles on your birthday candle.

Timefoolery - setting your watch ten to twenty minutes fast in an effort to be more punctial.

Loonieballoonie - the one birthday balloon in the bunch that does sort of that floating thing below the rest.

Lactospansion - phenomenon which occurs when a cup of milk drops to the floor producing enough milk to fill three cups.

Holeymoley - the tiny hole in your pocket that inevitably grows on a diet of coins and keys.

Vatorboss - the guy on the elevator who self declares to be boss of all the floor buttons.

Cinemuck - all the leftover popcorn and soda (generally combined) that people leave on the floor at the movie. Always sticky. YUCK!

Anyway, you get the drift. Do you like to make up words. If so, do share.

Here is a nice photo as my way of thanking you for reading through all of that...
It's at the winery in the Willamette Valley, called Barrel Fence. Bought some wine there but did not drink it before I wrote this post. I swear. Amen!

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