Friday, October 19, 2012


I've posted about my lemon tree before but over Labor Day weekend, when I was in the desert, I discovered something for the very first time. One half of this tree is a lot taller than the other half.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that part of the trunk is smooth and the other half has thorns.

And then I noticed that some of the leaves are very big while others are much smaller.

And finally I looked at the fruit. There appears to be one very large grapefruit (see it on the right) and a million normal sized lemons. That grapefruit appears to be the size of a mini basketball. Everything is green and I have this philosophy to live and let live. So, there it remains. I am sure when it is ripe, it will feed a family of 8.

There is a lesson here. These two species have grown together and rather than excluding one or the other, remain as one tree each doing their own thing. Oh we humans, please take note.

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