Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Real Deal

I have long been a fan of Hillary Clinton. I just really like smart women. Imagine another favorite of mine, Meryl Streep, who introduced Hillary at the Women in the World summit held recently in New York City.  Both are women who have honed their craft, so to speak.

Hillary asks “What does it mean to be a woman in the world?”  “It means never giving up. It means getting up, working hard, and putting a country or a community on your back.” And that is what she does on a regular basis.

Why then do so many women dismiss Hillary so easily. What possible reasons do they offer. Is it because she is Democrat and they are not. Or that she is highly successful. Or that she speaks out. OR simply, that she is a women. Why is it that women are so hard on other women.

Do the women of the world a favor and listen to these words about Hillary. You will be amazed.

And then hear what Hillary has to say. Trust me, it is worth your time.

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