Monday, February 13, 2012


Today I am trying to remember that my word for the year is "renew". Golf Cart Dave came as expected. God love you, Dave. Sort of like "Free throw guy". I will come up with my own version for myself. I could have done something else with that time had I known "Garage door guy" would be  a no show. They called after I already waited 3 hours and he was late. RAM will be tomorrows story unless they choose to respond differently than today. That IS a fun story. Well not so much fun on this end.

I will revert to Rachel Snyder and her definition of renew:
Renew your passion for being alive! Visit a museum and renew your love of history. Renew that excitement you used to feel when seeing something Aztec, something Japanese, something from a distant time. Renew your spirit. Take a long walk, a short trip, a week's retreat. Forget to take your appointment book or your reading file. Renew your relationship to your body. Go to the gym, go on a back country ski trip, go get shiatsu, go do yoga. Renew old friendships. Renew that spark that used to live between the two of you. Renew your vows, the promises you made to yourself and others long ago. Start over, start again, start anew. Revive, restore, refresh, replenish, rejuvenate, recharge and renew!

Gotta love that motivation...

My absolute fav for this week....

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