Saturday, July 01, 2017

A most amazing experience

On our recent trip to France, one of the things we attended was the Carrieres de lumieres, which literally means Quarry of lights. The setting is an old quarry where bauxite was mined.
You walk into this huge cavernous space and are first staring at blackness. Then your eyes begin to adjust and OH MY!

This show is set in motion by means of high-performance technology that tailors music and images which completely permeate the the floor and quarry walls. For thirty minutes or so, you are invited to roam freely around the quarry site to try and take it all in.

Every single wall, floor and ceiling pulsed with the glorious paintings of Bosch, Brueghel and Arcimboldo. If that wasn't enough, the art was all set to glorious music such as Carmina Burana, Vivaldi and even Led Zeppelin.
We walked through the quarry trying our best to take it all in. But, it just fills you up. Finally , we sat on a bench and just let the art and music wash over us.
It is an experience I'll never forget. 

I managed to find a u-tube video of a part of this show for your viewing pleasure. This is not to miss. Trust me.

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