Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Uber New

You CAN teach an old dog HMMM! lady new tricks.
Last week it was Uber. Not uber new but uber Uber!

As in:

I might not have chosen this experience but the hotel gave us a pass to try it. Downloading the app was required. Setting up an account with credit card on file was also. After that, it was:

  • very easy to use
  • they are personal cars and were very clean
  • the drivers were very polite
  • the pick up was quicker
  • and the ride was cheaper
  • the ride is automatically billed to your credit card
  • and a receipt is emailed on the spot
  • they send you a picture of your driver so you won't get in any random car
Our first driver was on his lunch hour and earning some extra cash so he didn't mind a shorter drive. The drivers have an app on their smart phone that when they plug in their availability, maps their location. The closest car to the client is offered and if he accepts, comes to fetch you. If he declines, the next closest is pegged.The driver know where he needs to go and thus can respond based on the time he/she has available. 

There were three of us and I am not sure if I would go it alone.
But for this time, it was uber cool!

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