Sunday, October 05, 2014

Voices: Anne Lamott

I had the opportunity to hear Anne Lamott speak this past week at the Voices lecture series. A 60 year old white woman with dreads might cause one to pause. She is however riveting. She often speaks of loss but in a hopeful way. I have read several of her books. Traveling Mercies is the most recent one.

I left the lecture with three thoughts.

First, there are three kinds of prayer: Help, Thanks and Wow! I do think most fit one of those categories. I certainly applied them to my golf game on Friday. haha
She later added a forth prayer called Whatever. I think that fits the case when you don't get the answer for which you hoped.

Second, there are really only two things that can fill you up. One is giving and the other is solitude.

Third, for writers or artists or anyone learning something new or doing something new, DO THE WORK. Don't wait for inspiration to come. It comes by doing the work.

She was funny, engaging and very honest. I wish you could have joined me for this fun and thoughtful evening.

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