Saturday, June 21, 2014


I am a storyteller. I have a blog by that name. Sometimes I cross reference it here. It is mostly about digital scrap booking and the tools of Photoshop. I am a PS addict. I love it to bits. I am working on stories from back in the day...

In September, 1990, we noticed an unusual caterpillar in our front flower bed. It was lime green, black and white striped. My boys had bug jars and so Drew snatched it up and put it along with some leaves in his bug jar. The next morning, the caterpillar was missing but hanging from the lid was the most amazing chrysalis, bright green with gold studs. Our timing must have been spot on. 

We did some research and thought it just might be a Monarch. We patiently waited and in about 10 days, the chrysalis became transparent and we could see the Monarch within. It gyrated out of the chrysalis and hung upside down, stretching and drying it's wings. We gently opened the jar to release it from it's confines. After a bit, it fluttered away. 

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