Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Time Together

It's always really special to spend some one on one time with just one child. Mine are all adults now, each living in a  different city. Such time gets harder to find as they are about the business of building careers and relationships with others. So when the opportunity to visit Nick in Huntington Beach presented itself, I was excited.

Nick was a wonderful planner. We ate in, we ate out. Nick cooked. I did not. We walked the neighborhood a bit. We spent the day at the beach. He treated for lunch :) at Fred's Mexican Cafe (Yummo!) and bought tickets for a play by a local theater group. What a special weekend. The best was just being with him chatting it up.

I wasn't thoughtful enough to get anyone to capture a pic of Nick and I or just Nick  So these will have to do.

For your beach fix:

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