Sunday, June 16, 2013

The People's Republic of Portland

On Friday evening, we managed two things. First, we ate dinner at the Deschutes Brewery. They were featuring a new beer. The ads said "fresh squeezed". The beer had a citrus flavor which was very good. My son would approve. The evening was gorgeous which makes street seating so exceptional this time of year. There were a few who grabbed plastic milk crates stashed along side the building, dragged them to the street and had their own impromptu street party. Rick ordered the beer. I had wine. Is that even allowed in a brewery? My bad.

We chose this particular place because our next destination was Portland Center Stage which is just around the corner. I love PCS. I've seen a lot of productions there. Some I've been familiar with, others not so much but I can say, I have never been disappointed. The People's Republic of Portland was all this. Lauren Weedman "She's from LA" is the playwright and only actor. She is laughter on her feet as she pokes fun at our institutions, citizens and way of life. She leaves nothing unturned. Not bikes, Voodoo doughnuts, strip joints, eating out, hanging out, the MAX, umbrellas or not and the rain. The list is longer and her portrayal funnier. She is the quintessential storyteller.

This ever popular play has been held over because the house is packed most nights. I got the sense that there were repeat viewers. Perhaps we all like to laugh at ourselves and Rose City residents know first hand that there is so much to laugh about and this light heartedness makes us glad we live here. Go see for yourself.

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