Thursday, January 12, 2012

Use the Good Stuff

I saw this advice recently and it reminded me of a story.

My mother's good china was given to me. I seriously believe she purchased it for a celebration when I made my First Communion in the fifties. We didn't have a lot of money and so it was grocery store stuff but I always loved the happiness of the pattern.

My dad brought it to my house on a visit. I was thrilled but my children were small and I was afraid to use it. So it remained stored in my basement for just the right occasion.

When my family moved to Portland, there was no basement storage. I came to realize that my children had never know their grandmother. She died when I was just 14. These dishes were my memory and would never be theirs.

For these past 14 years, we have used these dishes nearly everyday. For me, it's as if my mama is hanging around the kitchen with me. I am so glad I used "the good stuff.." Really, it's probably always the best choice.

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