Sunday, December 04, 2011

In the Air Again

What do you notice about these pictures?

Well the first one is rather obvious.When have you been on a margarita plane?  It actually cheered me up when leaving Portland on a rather grey (or is it gray?) day. I am pretty sure I don't really care which way it's spelled. But they did not serve margaritas, d#$@'t.

But check out this next image.....let this just soak in.

There were just 26 of us on this plane and only 16 on the connecting flight. We had to sit in the back to balance the plane's weight. The stewardesses were not so busy and gave us a guided tour of our flight into California. I broke my #1 rule and did not have my camera in my purse right next to me and did not get images of the Three Sisters or Crater Lake from on high. So instead you get to see the backs of these peoples heads and how empty the flight was. LOL

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