Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Should I Stay or Should I Go

Precisely the question at the Rose Garden on Saturday. Down 23 in the 3Q, the crowd was just not sure. After all it was 80ish outside. First time all year for that.

But then Marquis Man started riling up the crowd with "Get Louder" signs. And 6th man did. It was so loud, the players later said they couldn't even call plays to each other.

And then, YESSSSS, the BRoy we all love, began chipping away at the score. With 59 seconds left in the game, he shot the tying bucket and then just a tad later, the winning one. He single handedly left Dallas with their mouths hanging open. Portland went nuts. We love our Brandon.

Internet photo from the BlazerBlog

And in the end, we are glad we chose to stay...

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