Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Promise Me

I just finished reading a book titled Promise Me. It is the story of  Susan G. Komen and the foundation which takes her name. Susan's sister, Nancy G. Brinker is the author and for me it is powerful read. It's been awhile since I have had the opportunity to observe big business first hand. This book gave me a glimpse. I was astounded by what the love for a sister, whose life was cut short, could accomplish.

My favorite thought from the book describes the moment when First Lady Betty Ford  informed the press that she had breast cancer, not cancer or women's cancer but breast cancer. It was a conundrum for the press. Prior to this moment, the words were unprintable and unspeakable. Did she expect Walter Cronkite to discuss breasts on the evening news? Yes, she did.

 The author states: That moment was like a glimmer of light shining through a keyhole. And all it takes is  a keyhole to reveal that what looked like a wall is in fact a doorway.

Grab it and read it. You will be impressed.

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