Sunday, June 06, 2010

St Peter's Square

  Still in Rome after all these posts...

We were lucky enough to get to St Peter's Square three times. 
First Rick and I ended there on our wandering tour. Next, our 
our guide surprised us with a visit on Palm Sunday to witness 
Pope Benedict XVI say Mass. And finally, in the early morning 
when we would do the postponed tour of the Vatican Museum 
and Sistine Chapel. These are some of my favorite photos from 
he visits...


Statues of 140 Christian martyrs flank the balustrade.


A fountain by Bernini (1675) 

Giant trinitrons just like at sporting events. 
What would these saints think?

But of course, all can see the Pope say Mass.
And this fountain is by Maderno (1613)

A bit farther away

The Sistine Chapel is amazing. no photos are allowed, 
which is OK because the room is dimly lit and  no photo 
that i take could do it justice. This is The Sistine Chapel 
from the square. It is where the Papal conclave occurs 
when the Cardinals are electing a new Pope. It is near 
where the white smoke is seen indicating that a new Pope 
has in fact been elected.

And finally my favorite of the day.
A member of the Swiss guard and a wannabe...

How cute is that.

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Lynda said...

Glorious photos...a vicarious vacation for me!!! Thanks for sharing!!