Sunday, April 11, 2010

First Impressions

We arrived in Rome on Thursday, March 25 at about 7 AM, just a tad bit tired and waited for what seemed like forever for our luggage. Good thing it was marked PRIORITY. Otherwise we might still be waiting. Our prearranged transport was spot on, holding that oh so welcomed sign "Millar". Thank God we did not have to drive. Traffic in Rome is comparable to traffic in China--hectic.

Lots and lots of small cars everywhere.

And motorcycles jutting in an out. I have never seen so many and they create new lanes of traffic on an impromptu basis.

Parking meters don't exist and so a bit of the cost incentive to find alternative transport is missing. The trick is finding a place to park your vehicle and probably the reason why vehicles are small. Some are parked on curbs; some are double parked; some even triple. Narrow streets become even narrower and so commences the horn honking. Music to your ears?

Another note is the graffiti on many buildings.

Some more artistic than others but everywhere.

But my favorite, which I have saved for last is the landscape of trees, called umbrella pines, that grow in this area. Simply gorgeous...

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