Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Wabi Sabi Eye Candy

I needed some industrial cloth for a project I am working on.
As I mentioned, I had a pile of fabrics that really were bad dye jobs. I also had a bottle of Jacquard's Discharge Paste. This cloth is the result.

These are made using a three layer
process. For the bottom layer, I
placed some type of texture: drawer
material, bubble wrap, just whatever. 
Then the "bad dye job" cloth. The
top layer is a household screen. it
provides some additional
texture and adds the feature of holding
the cloth in place.Using a sponge roller,
I applied the paste. The biggest trick is
learning how heavy a hand to use. 
Too much and all the color is removed.
Too little and you don't alter the cloth
much. It's all in the wrist.
Some cloth was not as successful. To
these, I will add some additional texture
with thickened dye and then remove
some more. The final layer will be 
and Layers. PS has really helped me
They are even better up close and
personal. The colors are much richer.
They are delicious!

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