Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two+ Months But Who Is Counting

I have a new fiber post.

Three of a Kind

It is digitally rendered fiber piece, having been designed
and developed in Photoshop and then printed in layers
using pigment inks on cloth and finally assembled with stitch.
It is 8 x 10 in size.

This piece has been offered to FiberArt for a Cause,
which will auction small art collages to benefit the
American Cancer Society. This was the brainchild of
one woman, Virginia Spiegel, who hoped to raise $200
offering some fiber postcards on-line. I am thinking
it has been five years now that she has taken on this
project and she and her many online friends have raised
$165,000 through 2008. This is the final year and
the goal is to raise $20,000.

This is my gift and as always, I hope it is well received.


Terry said...

It is beautiful and very reminiscent of spring!

FunkyC said...

Your design path-from photoshop to final product--is intriguing.

I'm guessing the depth I see in your piece is the result. Very nice work.

Dawn said...

Beautiful. And the fine stitching and straight clean lines and hint of 'old fashioned' care to sewing techniques speaks to my mother's and grandmother's influence on my concept of fabric art/quilting. And I'm fascinated by the use of photoshop to create the piece.


Debbie said...

very original, beautiful piece for a great huamnitarian casue.

Mine ws accepted also. On my blog if you want to see it.